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The following Terms of Use are an agreement between you and BestMortgageOffers.ca, which may be referred to throughout this document as "us", "we", "our", "website" or "site". When you use this website for informational purposes or to apply for a short term loans, you agree to the following Terms:

Products and Services

You understand and agree that BestMortgageOffers.ca is not a lender and therefore does not issue any credit or any of the products found on this website. Any of the products or services found on this site is issued by and remains the sole responsibility of its respective owner. BestMortgageOffers.ca assumes no obligation for any of the offers that are made to you on this website.

Application Acceptance

Should you receive an electronic acknowledgement that we have received your submitted application, you should not misconstrue this as intent to lend or approval for funding, nor is it meant to be a validation of a proposal by one of our lenders to provide you with funds. BestMortgageOffers.ca reserves the right to approve or deny your application before it is sent to any lender. We may also ask you to provide more information for verification before we submit your application to our lenders. We will not be held responsible for your denial of a loan if you do not meet the criteria for receiving a short term loan.

Site Use Limitations

This website is intended for use only by individuals who are 18 years of age or older. You also agree that you will not use this website or any information contained within this website for illegal or illicit purposes or for any purpose that is prohibited.

Legal Compliance

By using this website, you agree to obey any and all laws, statutes, regulations and rules that may apply to this site's use and the use of any third party services provided herein. We reserve the right but are not required to report any alleged or actual abuses of the law to the proper authorities and agencies. Should we become knowledgeable of any illegal or illicit activity, either through our own observance or via a complaint, we may implement an investigation into this activity in order to determine the nature of the violation and the appropriate disciplinary measures that should be taken. During this investigation, we may suspend your ability to access this site or use any of the products and services provided. In the event of such an investigation, you agree to cooperate completely. You also agree that if you are found to be in violation of these Terms of Use or of our Privacy Policy, you could face civil or criminal charges in a court of law.

Intellectual Property

Anything found on this website, including characters, designs, titles, trade names, graphics and other properties such as images, software and text which can be viewed on this website are owned by BestMortgageOffers.ca, its third party affiliates and licensees who are allowed to utilize such property and are protected under intellectual property law. We give you permission to use this website and create copies of pages, documents, images and other content for your sole use and only for the purpose of obtaining a short term loans through BestMortgageOffers.ca and its third parties. Commercial use is prohibited. We own the rights to all of the content within this website. You may not distribute, publish, spread or present any of the information found herein without obtaining express written consent from us. Unless specifically stated, nothing found on this website shall be misconstrued as providing you with any right or license under any trademark, copyright or intellectual property right.

Disclaimer of Warranties and Restriction of Responsibility

While we do our best to ensure that the information provided to you on this website is accurate and complete, we can never guarantee this accuracy. BestMortgageOffers.ca takes no responsibility for any use or outcome which may occur due to your use of the information on this website or the products and services it provides in relation to its dependability, accuracy, precision, completeness or any other matter.


Third Party Content

BestMortgageOffers.ca may contain links to third party affiliates throughout the website. We are not responsible, nor are we liable for, the Privacy Policies or content found on those websites. Should you choose to exit BestMortgageOffers.ca via a link to a third party, we highly recommend that you review the Privacy Policy associated with that website before you proceed. The presence of third party links on our website should not be taken as an endorsement or advertisement for any product or service offered by those parties or affiliates of those parties.


This section is a reference to the Privacy Policy of BestMortgageOffers.ca which can be found on this website. This Policy describes our responsibilities and your rights as they pertain to any personal information you provide on this website. We will never use any of your information in a manner that is not consistent with our Privacy Policy. You understand and agree that BestMortgageOffers.ca may change the Privacy Policy from time to time at its sole discretion, and that if you continue to use the site after these changes have been published, you are acknowledging your acceptance of and agreement with such changes. You also agree that you will not continue to use this site if you do not agree with or understand any of the changes implemented.


We use industry-recognized and accepted security technology and procedures to protect the information you provide to us. Despite this, we cannot guarantee that your personal information will not be intercepted or deciphered by others. We will not be held responsible for any interception or deciphering of your personal information.

Website Use

BestMortgageOffers.ca does not act as an agent for you or for any of the third parties with whom we are affiliated. We may receive reimbursement or compensation from our third party affiliates for facilities, products or services that are offered under isolated contact and circumstances. These facilities, products and services may or may not be affiliated with your use of this website. You agree that any compensation or reimbursement we receive from third parties may or may not be affiliated with your use of this website.

Law and Venue

You agree that any legal disputes that may arise, regardless of your place of residence or location at the time that this website was used, will take place under the laws of the province of British Columbia without any regard for conflict of law. Any court proceedings or hearings will take place in a federal or provincial court in the province of British Columbia. We do not claim that any information or services contained within or provided by this website are suitable for use outside of the United States. Using this website from locations outside of the United States will be done at your own discretion and you are required to adhere to local laws. If anything within these Terms is found to be invalid, it will be stricken without having any effect on the rest of the Terms.

Revision of Terms of Use

BestMortgageOffers.ca reserves the right to make revisions to these Terms from time to time. Should you continue to use this site after such revisions have been published, you acknowledge that you have read and agree with these changes.

Indemnification Clause

When you use this website, you agree that BestMortgageOffers.ca and its third parties, affiliates, subsidiaries, agents, partners and employees will be exempt from any indemnification, including legal fees, losses, demands, claims or liabilities, that arise as a result of your use of this website or the products and services provided by third parties.

Terms of Use Violations

If at any time BestMortgageOffers.ca believes that you are in violation of these Terms of Use, you agree that we may, at our sole discretion and with no prior notice to you, suspend your access to this site as well as any products or services featured on this site. We may also delete any information or content that you have submitted at any point if we believe that such content is not in line with our Terms of Use or Privacy Policy. We may also do this if we find your actions to be questionable or if they disturb other users of our website, us, or our third party affiliates, or if we feel that your actions are illegal or illicit.


Any rights that are not specifically provided here are the property of BestMortgageOffers.ca. The titles and subheadings used in this document are only to ease readability and should not be considered as part of the Terms of Use. Any failure to impose or enforce a part of these Terms shall not be considered a waiver of any right. If any part of these Terms is deemed to be invalid, this will have no effect on the rest of the Terms, and they will continue in full effect. These Terms, along with our Privacy Policy, constitute an entire agreement between you and BestMortgageOffers.ca and any other groups who are responsible for or affiliated with the transactions being conducted. This version of the Terms is the only valid version and it supersedes any previous version whether provided electronically, verbally, or in print.

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